• The SC Profile Psycho SRL team highly recommends these promotional products with the purpose of providing a new perspective, a more accessible and closer perspective to all those who want to promote their company and are searching for viable solutions, quality and high impact on clients. Both the memory sticks and the rollup's purchased by our company have entirely corresponded to our expectations. We hope that with all these recommendations, the world would discover the true potential of the promotional products provided by your company and the powerful effect that it might have in promoting the brand of your future clients.

    Marcel Iordache - Manager
  • Due to the quality of services performed by AuroMedia company, we warmly recommend you to have a partnership with this company. Our collaboration is lasting for several years now, the main elements of support being the quality of work (brochures, business cards, printed books), reliability, punctuality, speed of execution and, not least, the convenient prices. We fully recommend AuroMedia as it will meet all your requirements related to materials in this field.

    Anna Laszlo - External Service Coordinator SSM
  • SC Steilmann Romania SRL recommends AuroMedia company for the professionalism, competence, seriousness they proved during the projects developed. We thank you and we will certainly use your services in the future!

    Mihaela Ene - Marketing Manager
  • "Auromedia - prompt and quality services. A partner you can trust."

    Bogdan Pantea – Commercial
  • During those almost 3 years of collaboration, those from AuroMedia have always responded promptly and professionally to the needs of our company by providing us impeccable products and services. For example, the billboards made for us are exactly what we wanted, both from the aesthetical point of view and as durability. For other advertising services (banners, business cards, stickers and plastic panels) we benefited from the same promptitude and quality. Also, the costs charged by this company are absolutely convenient, reported to the quality offered.

    Földvary Aandraş - Managing Director
  • We have been working with AuroMedia Printing for several years now and this is because we are very pleased with both the quality of services provided and the promptitude, accuracy and flexibility they showed in the collaborations we had so far. I have always benefited from expert advice given by AuroMedia Printing professionals in choosing the best solutions for our works which were mainly in the category of presentation and promotional materials: business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, calendars, key chains and so on. We recommend AuroMedia Printing as a reliable partner for advertising graphic and more.

    Elena Maruta – Manager
  • We have been working with AuroMedia for quite a long time and we can already say that we often understand just by looking at one another. We found in Aurora and her team what we think anyone is looking for in a supplier: the ability to anticipate what the client needs, a lot of flexibility and client orientation. We performed together many types of materials: from customized notebooks and brochures for services presentation, up to banners, T-shirts and pens. Don't get us wrong, we are picky when it comes to materials that represent us, thus we sometimes were dissatisfied. However, each time we found the same open attitude: we find a way to make everything end up very well. And it was exactly like this.

    Alis Brebu - Business to Business Marketing Responsible
  • Thank AuroMedia for printing the promotional materials for Mountain Trips Festival 2014, which this year had an great success among the lovers of sport and nature. All printed materials, being printed with high quality, met all our specifications up to the smallest detail. AuroMedia is a team of professionals in the production of advertising materials. We recommend AuroMedia!

    Canavoiu Alexandru - President
  • The T-shirts made for us by AuroMedia are with a very good material, we did not expect to last that long. Also, the printing on T-shirts is highly resistant. I state this after the experiences we had with many companies in the field ... AuroMedia has also made us flyers, banners, business cards, flyers and we were pleased for all the products received!

    Camelia Ursulescu - Asistent Manager
  • We, Anghel Brothers Production, together with the Municipality of Timişoara have organized a photo contest to promote the city for the title of the "European Capital of Culture". I needed in a very short period of time of a large number of posters, both for promoting the competition and for displaying the winners. We used the services provided by AuroMedia, a company that has successfully completed the job. The print quality was flawless for all services provided and the quality-price report was a really beneficial one. We gladly and warmly recommend  AuroMedia.

    Catalin Anghel - Managing Partner
  • I'm very glad to have the opportunity of working with AuroMedia company because it provides a wide range of high quality services with a very attractive design, and this saves us from performing and managing some more contracts with different companies. We always tried to obtain the best prices and, therefore, in the past I had collaborations with various companies in the country, but the communication was much more difficult and I used to lose a lot of time on explanations. Now, things are much simpler with AuroMedia, and the projects can be implemented in a very short time and at the same competitive prices with those obtained in the past. Also, promptitude is an essential element for which we still maintain the collaboration and warmly recommend this company.

    Laura Szime - Office Manager